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Christina Garcia, MPH, LCP


Educational Background


Christina holds a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) and a Bachelors degree in Sociology (BA). Christina studied under the Community-Oriented Public Health Practice program from the University of Washington with concentrations on race, social justice and equity. In 2007, Christina received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Arizona State University. Christina is a third generation Mexican American and first generation college graduate; through this journey she has experienced many obstacles, of which have not deterred her from achieving goals that often felt out of reach.  Derived from these experiences Christina has developed and refined proficiencies in psychology, social services, and population health.

Direct Practice

Maternal and Child Health :  Early Childhood Education : Adolescent Health and Wellbeing


For over 20 years Christina has worked in and studied early childhood learning and education.  Through professional childcare positions, household management and academic studies she has become well versed in child and maternal health and recently developed a health promotion program for children and students 3 years to 19 at a local international baccalaureate (IB) program school. 

Service Industry : Hospitality


Christina has worked in the service sector waiting tables, cleaning hotel rooms, assisting individuals of advanced age, and coordinating customer service requests in various domains for over 15 years. 

Program Management : Research : Analytics


For over 13 years, Christina has worked in research and healthcare as a research scientist, program manager, project coordinator, and research consultant. 

2015 Ringside World Champion

Balanced health has always been a priority for Christina.   In 2015, Christina traveled across the country to compete in an international amateur boxing competition.  Upon returning, Christina began a 2 year intensive graduate program for Community-Oriented Public Health Practice with the University of Washington.  

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Christina has trained across many sports and participated in various health and wellness growth programs; her coaching philosophy is rooted in these experiences, education and global best practice standards. 

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