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Rescue Spotlight

We have 5 more kitties looking for their FUR-ever homes! Please consider reaching out if you would like to know more about fostering and rescuing. 

Help us feed these Rescues!!

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Their Story...

Jaxson's Morning Coffee
Biff & Roger
Jaxson & Olly
Elvis & Priscilla
Momma Perry & Babies
Momma Perry & Kittens

Once upon a time...

... I moved from one state to another with my 3 resident rescues and young kiddos.  I had not even a full day to unpack any boxes and I immediately became aware of some critical rescue needs in my new community.


One Queen and her 5 newborn kittens were in a box outside in the East Bay area of California. Just down the street, another Queen and her 5 kittens (also only 1 day old - very interesting indeed) were in need of an urgent experienced foster, rescue assistance with medical and rehoming abilities.  


Queen #1 (Momma Perry)  and her kittens were safely transferred to our home for fostering and medical care. Queen #2 got scared and ran away leaving her kittens in desperate need of support.  Newborn kittens need momma's milk every two hours and support with pottying.   Momma Perry magically adopted and fed the incoming kittens making her newborn kitten count 10.  Two days later, we found one 3-week old kitten in our new backyard hiding under our shed.  His ears and fur were such that he was temporarily named Elvis. We later found his mom was moving her kittens at night under our shed. 


Shortly after Elvis was "new kitten protocol-ed", we noticed Momma Perry was in dire need of supplemental nutrients, hydration and medical intervention as she was already a feral stray prior to her pregnancy-per a neighbor who knew Perry.  Therefore, we decided to help Perry and provide syringe and tube feeding for the newborns while providing Perry with the utmost care and support for her recovery needs. In doing so, four of the original 10 newborns went to the director of a local non profit for critical care support and I continued syringe feeding the newborns (6), Momma Perry (who decided she needed to participate) and Elvis.  


One week later, a second kitten was found in our new backyard - Elvis' sibling.  We named her Prisclla.  We once again commenced new kitten intake protocol (isolation and quarantine- so as to not get the other kittens and resident rescues sick) and extra love and VIP comfort.  I tried for weeks to TNR Elvis and Priscilla's momma- subsequently trapping 2 more strays that decided to enjoy the free food. (Yes, they were TNR'd with care and full bellies- No, they had no interest in joining the human folk).  Priscilla recovered nicely from the ailments she had upon intake and finished her antibiotics without a hiccup.  Priscilla was reunited with her brother and they both were able to experience VIP life with each other and 6 other kittens. Momma Perry decided Elvis and Priscilla were also hers to care for and provided the motherly warmth kittens desperately need. 


It is at this time, dear reader, I would love to tell you that everyone was adopted into loving homes and I could successfully unpack a box. Alas, this was not the case.  We would bring in Charlie (2 months old), Hermione (2 months old) and Shadow (2 months old) in the next few weeks to add to the rescue kitten chaos.  Oh! And I shall not forget TINY- the chihuahua puppy my kids and I rescued from the side of the road shortly after everyone was settled in the new- unpacked (but animal packed) house.


After all of this hard work with food, litter, illness and medications... we have successfully dewormed,  vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and re-homed a majority of these beautiful souls.  These 5 are who still need their fur-ever home and who deserve a VIP life.

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