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Welcome to your HIVE

Your life, supercharged...


I am a Masters Level Public Health professional.  

I have over 25 years experience in education, coaching and consulting. 


Together, we explore your life philosophy, self-awareness, intent, impact, and perspective on health as it relates to your life's balance.

I provide step-by-step support for your intentional living.


I guide you through mindfulness. Explore your intentions and investigate the impact.   Jump into a new routine that feels good to YOU, productive and sustainable.


Personal & Professional

Parent & Caregiver

Colleagues & Coworkers




Unschooling & World Schooling

Problem/Project Based Learning (PBL)

Parent & Caregiver

(Household Management & Body Doubling)

Academic & Career Mapping

Resume, Interviews & Negotiation

Coaching & Consulting

Grant Writing

Academic Publishing

Data Support

Academic Research Projects

(Plan, Design, Implement, Data collection, Maintenance, Evaluation, Growth)

For Profit/ Non profit  Businesses

 (plan, launch, grow)

Community Service

Community Highlights

Non Profit Support

Sliding Scale Eligibility

Contract & Consult

Data Management 

(Database, Collection, Entry, Evaluation)

Academic form and Filing Assistance

(apply for FAFSA, Schools, employment, grants and scholarships)

*Service not listed? Email inquiry and receive a response 48 hours or less after receipt. Please put "Service not listed" in the Email Subject line to help ensure receipt.

A sampling of services...

*If we have not worked together before, please schedule a complimentary Discovery session*

Lav Hive FIVE

 Community Support Services for only $5

Watch our socials and when you see our "LAV HIVE 5" announcement-

Bring us the discount code to get your $5 session!

*as availability allows*

Seasonal Offerings

  Happy New Year


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Leaf Pattern Design

Public Health: My Passion

Community, health promotion and personal wellness are my priority.  With over 25 years experience, I support my clients and community through health education, promotion and intentional living. 


I am founder and Executive Director of a 501(c)3 non profit organization focused on supporting the alleviation of unnecessary stressors associated with various determinants such as biological and social barriers and inequities...

Take Control of Your Journey

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